A Sweet Letter For You

Dear sweeties,

Welcome to my website Life is Sweet where is full of motivation and positive energy (please click here to see my video on Youtube). The very first question I would like to ask you is: what’s your definition of life? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word “life” indicates the period between birth and death, or the experience or state of being alive. However, it might vary considerably from your definition of life. It could be possessing a dream job, spending more time with your family, traveling, etc. The fact is there are no exact answers to the question. The point is whatever your definition of life, you are always right. As no man in the world is identical. You are the only one person who has the privilege to define your own life.

The world is currently composed of up to 7.6 billion people, while the population is still growing exponentially. Yet, the world would not have become that prosperous today without your participation. Thank you for making everything more beautiful with your effort and enthusiasm. On Life is Sweet, there are countless adventures waiting for you and me to explore. At this moment, I sincerely invite you to join me on this life-long journey in search of our life definitions.

With so much love,