Your sweet letter

Dear sweeties,

Welcome to Life is Sweet. My name is Selina. I am very delighted that you found my place and spent some time here. Life is Sweet is a personal blog website where I share my life through writing and photographing. As I found more and more people coming here, I have decided to open a new page for Mandarin readers. 

At the same time, I am dedicated to building a community where we support and create positive spirits together. Most importantly, grasp and cherish the time in real life. 

Again, I am grateful that you are reading this and taking a step forward for yourself.     


歡迎你們來到「Life is Sweet」,我是Selina。我真的很開心你/妳發現了我的部落格以及瀏覽文章。這是我自創的個人部落格網站,我會在這邊透過寫作及相片來分享我自己的生活。同時我發現了許多人對這個網站的關注,我決定在新頁面用中文寫作給偏愛閱讀中文的讀者們。



Sweet life,